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Gout: Good Facts to Know to Get Well and Stay Well
c. Donald J. Reinhardt, July 14, 2017
Gout is simply painful body joints and areas with needle-like crystals that form and precipitate as tiny solids out of the blood. Gout can be likened to needles falling like snow out of a cloudy sky, but instead of the sky the blood fluid plasma is the source of the crystals. Here you will see, know and understand more about gout. If you are reading this in pain from gout you know that gout may well cause you to shout and pout!

Gout of the foot with swelling, redness, pain and heat in the region of the big toe.
Photo credit: WedMD

How to Make Sense of a Lipid Profile Report
Donald J Reinhardt, April 24, 2017 
copyrighted Donald Reinhardt Article first and originally published at Suite 101

Determine facts about lipid chemistry profiles and tests right here

Understanding personal medical reports is helpful to managing your life and health better. Lipid profile knowledge is an important and basic step to healthcare management and control.

Lipid profiles are an important part of many yearly physical exams, and understanding personal medical reports is important for patients. Laboratory results are typically reported and sent directly to the physician. The physician reviews and evaluates the data, and informs the patient of the status of the results. Patients need to know and understand lipid profiles and their meaning In this way each patient can talk and dialogue with the physician.

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Messages of Love for Mothers/Moms/Mums Everywhere and Anywhere

© Donald Reinhardt, May 2, 2011, Updated May 5, 2017
Mother's Day, Mom's Day, Mum's Day or any day love messages may be a simple card, letter, call, gift or combinations of the previous. Choose a good and sincere way to express your love or even ask for forgiveness or to forgive your mother.
It is a special time of May, Mother's Day. However, your mother can be celebrated on any day or days that you choose throughout the year. And a special message or a combination of a message and a simple, thoughtful gift is important and permits you to say "I Love You" to someone who really matters. Take time to remember your mother.

Messages of Love for Mothers/Moms Everywhere and Anywhere. Photo Credit to Kentucky Historical Society, Frankfurt, Kentucky


Fish, Krill, Flax, Oils – Basic Essential Facts

Donald J Reinhardt, April 24, 2017 
A copyrighted Donald Reinhardt Article first and originally published at Suite 101

Omega-3 EPA/DHA Lipids are Proven Nutrients for Heart and Body Health

Studies with humans indicate the value of diets high in fiber and low in saturated fats. This inquiry reviews ideas related to omega-3 oils.

Learn more about this, click here.


Robots and Computers Emerge for War, Service or Whatever — Can Humans Compete?

© Donald Reinhardt, October 9, 2015

This concept of intelligent robots and us is interesting to think about. Some might be frightened by the concept of a world populated with smart robots. Are you afraid of robots? These entities are all around us now, but not quite as dense or prominent as they may well become within a very short time. Drones ply the skies seeking enemies and delivering missiles to those who someone decides is an enemy who would do them harm. Amazon is planning on drone deliveries of Internet-ordered goods. Actually, there is really much to contemplate and think through , so click here and see a few more thoughts about robots.

Robots are coming and here to stay

Photo Credit: CSail of Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Driving Life Well with Side- Rear-View Mirrors and Backup Camera, Another Writing and Version

c. Donald J. Reinhardt, March 24, 2015

Although life is truly not a car, there are similarities and aspects to think about. However, here I will simply mention how to possibly drive and steer your life a little better using the mirrors and a backup camera of the mind and heart to carry you forward. Link to Article, Click HERE.

Photo: Canyonlands National Park, Aerial View. Credit:Neal Herbert, National Park Service



Driving Life Forward and Using Side and Rearview Mirrors (or your Backup Camera)

© Donald Reinhardt, January 13, 2015

Capitol Reef Country Scenic Byway, Utah  
photo credit:
Personal life resembles driving a car when you really start to delve into it.Read more HERE.
Find a Job-Career-Work to Love Which Lasts a Lifetime – Five Important Thoughts
© Donald Reinhardt,  March 20, 2014

To have and hold a job that you love and will last for most of your life is more than a dream – it involves a stepwise and careful plan and program for seeking and developing a career, job or work. And if you think and plan well that kind of job or work can be yours.

Airframe Mechanic at work at an airport.
Credit: US Bureau of Labor Statistics
The R Word is Being Mentioned to Me More These Days He Said
© Donald Reinhardt,  Feb. 5, 2014
(Dedicated to a respected M.D. and mentor of his patients this Original Poem by Donald J. Reinhardt, c. Feb. 5, 2014
Retirement for anyone can be a difficult decision. Find here, perhaps, few helpful insights and views about making good and wise retirement decisions. In this case, a medical doctor's attitudes, decisions and ideas are submitted for your consideration and evaluation.
 Physicians of quality and experience are needed now more than ever. U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Photo credit:
Sound of Music on NBC – Shows and Sings Well - A Review © Donald Reinhardt,  Dec. 5, 2013

If you know the "Sound of Music" by Rodgers and Hammerstein you know good music when you hear it. This play and presentation is based in part on a true story of Maria von Trapp and her life in Austria during the time of Nazis, Hitler and the strong influence of Germany.

"Sound of Music" by NBC singers and actors/actresses brighten the stage with quality music, scenes and acting. Photo Credit/Copyright: NBC

A Christmas Story Tell Me He Asked and Then We Talked
© Donald Reinhardt, Dec. 23, 2013
“Tell me a Christmas story”, the little one
simply asked.

“And what story would you like to hear?”

“The real one, the one you first
heard and know most dear.”

Christmas & Winter Holiday Joy, Meaning and Madness

© Donald Reinhardt,  Nov. 29, 2013

There is more frenzy, anxiety, stress and less cheer and peace in the 2013 holiday season than ever, don't you think? However, it doesn't have to be that way, isn't that true? More follows here–>
Photo: Nativity and the Birth of Christ is the winter holiday theme for many people. Photo Credit: U.S. Library of Congress
A Dozen Great Ethnic Christmas Tidings and Video Songs to Enjoy

© Donald Reinhardt, November 18, 2011 @ First Copyright-Published December 11, 2010 by Donald Reinhardt @

The winter season has been a special time of celebration for people throughout the world even before Jesus Christ was born. Three centuries after Christ's birth, around 360 AD, the celebration of Christmas began to honor Christ and traditions of gift-giving and trees and lights from prior festivals merged into the new Christian tradition now called Christmas. The songs here recall the best, great traditions, classic melodies, rhythms, instruments and vocalizations in words honoring Jesus Christ. Enjoy a multicultural-musical tour of many foreign lands with some of the best Christmas music selections ever. Discover new, old, and great Christmas music compositions – solos, choral presentations and symphonies are just a click away. Christmas native language greetings also are provided here in 13 languages: Bulgarian, English, French, German, Greek, Irish-Gaelic, Italian, Polish, Russian, Serbian, Slovenian, Spanish, and Ukrainian. See and read all the links here...

Nativity –The Birth of Christ Tondo. Photo Credit: Library of Congress
Positively Single – The Art of Single and Happy - A Very Good Book for People Seeking Wise-Living Singleness and Sanity
© Donald Reinhardt, Dec. 25, 2013
Vera Peiffer writes with excellence and insight about the single life in this book published in 1991. The book is a treasure trove of insights, wisdom and intelligent approaches to being single. Read more here =>
"Positively Single" Book Cover Photo of Vera Peiffer's Book. Copyright of Element Ltd, Rockport Mass.; Photo by Donald Reinhardt


Real success & succeeding – questions to ask and answers to find

© Donald Reinhardt, October 12, 2013

Success – who defines it, who measures it?

Is success, like art, only in the mind of the beholder? Or, is there a truly objective standard of success that can be applied to all people, at all times and in all places? Was success during one's younger years the same kind of success we come to expect and measure during a person's more mature or later years? More about success is discussed here.
Photo: Success is running the race well andfinishing well.
VERITAS and other truths as words, concepts and actions –does truth really exist & does it matter?
© Donald Reinhardt, October 14, 2013
Truth some have said must exist somewhere, somehow for someone in some way – does that sum it all up? We are prone to ask these questions: What is truth? Where is the truth to be found? Who knows the truth? Who cares about the truth? If the truth is known or can be known, then why does not everyone accept it? And finally, and most importantly, does truth really exist, or is it just some elusive ideal or wish and a pure figment of the human mind and its imagination? Read more---> 


This road sign shows a "slippery when wet" warning and you can believe that sign and its statement or not believe it. Is it slippery when wet?  Photo/art credit:


Think Well and Live Well – A Good Theme for All –Always

Informed and Good Thinking Enables You to Live Better and Well. To Think Well and Be Informed is Very Important
© Donald Reinhardt, June 4, 2011
Good thinking can lead to good living –and better and the best thinking can lead to a better life. The key to remember here is that your thinking and life may never be perfect, but your life and mind can be better. Read more...

Photo credit: Missouri Government (Missouri Connect) 
Father’s Day, Dad’s Day, Closings and Greetings for Cards and Letters
c. Donald Reinhardt, May 29, 2011
Father’s Day is a special day in June that always follows Mother’s Day in May. And I think it is always good to honor first all the good moms as we do in May since, indeed, mothers normally carry and nurture within their bodies precious babies for those nine months, plus or minus a few days or so, and mothers typically labor much to deliver those significant and new humans. But fathers really matter, also, Read more about this...


Cat's in the Cradle – Interpretation, Insights, Meaning and Words/Lyrics of Harry Chapin's Song for Fathers and Parents
© Donald Reinhardt, May 27, 2013
Harry Chapin in Concert, Photo Credit: Wikipedia, Creative Commons, via Flicker
The 1974 song of Harry Chapin, based on a poem by his wife Sandy, tells a simple and sad story clearly and well. "The Cat's in the Cradle" presents the problem of personal and extreme dedication to work and the problem of neglect of family by a father or any parent or guardian of a child. The poem and story reflects Harry Chapin's life as a son himself.
A Traveler’s Happenstance Journey – Story of the Monks and Monastery of the Humilitarians not Humanitarians
© Donald Reinhardt, May 27, 2013
Monastery of the Passionists in Argentina.
Photo Credit: Creative Commons, Wikipedia, Ceppicone
This is an original story by me which was first told only orally some years ago. This is a different and an unusual tale. I write and share it now, once and for all, so that all may know, who want or care to know the story.
The rest of the story is linked here.

Life Goes On – It Really Does

By William (Al) Jordan c. February 9, 2013

Often life’s most valuable lessons come to us in the least expected ways. One of those times occurred for me upon the death of my wife’s Mother at the ripe old age of ninety-five. All loss of life is grievous, but my Mother-in-Law’s passing was particularly so as told here...

A good life burns like a candle giving light and warmth Photo Credit:
True Down-to-Earth Talk About Love and Valentine's Day or Any Day
Donald Reinhardt, January 16, 2013

A love expression day – a span of just 24 hours – that is Valentine’s Day. Here today, gone tomorrow is that how we want love to be?

Any day can be a day of love. In fact, every day should be a loving day where we can express philos and agape love. What about love for 365 days? Would 365 loving days work for you – for me – for almost everyone? More to read, click here.
Love's images are many. Love's Image songsheet. Photo Credit: Library of Congress.
PayPal Buyer-Seller Protection and Avoidance of Fraud-Scam Situations
Donald Reinhardt, January 22, 2013
This is the second in a series of two articles on insurance protection afforded by eBay and PayPal for situations where a valid and true purchase develop significant seller problems and how well both eBay and Paypal dealt with serious and difficult situations. Read about this by clicking here.
An Inside Look at Fraud. Photo Credit:
Patience is a Virtue, Even if Patience isn't Always Virtuous
Donald Reinhardt, December 2, 2012

If you think about a few virtues like honesty, faith, hope, love, patience and kindness you think of attributes of personality and character. Let's look at patience which is a rare, if not disappearing, virtue in modern society. More follows here>

People waiting patiently or impatiently.

Photo Credit: State of Michigan @

Creating True Followers and Friends Amidst Modern Communications and Interactions
© Donald Reinhardt, August 1, 2012

Are we and or will be better, modern people and sociable persons as a result of e-mails, tweets, twittering, texting, Facebooking and all the rest of our communications and messaging? Or, are we no better off now when compared to only several years ago when there was none of this? More follows...
Texting is a common and important form of communication. Photo Credit:


Bear Grylls, To My Sons, Lessons For…Life – A Book Review
© Donald Reinhardt, May 18, 2012
Bear Grylls is a different and unique person both in name and style of living. As an adventurer, explorer, survivalist and television star and performer he is an amazing, energetic individual. Grylls recent book is a 127 page illustrate compact treatise that conveys words and pictures of love and encouragement to his sons. The book has value for fathers of young boys who want to convey stories of love, hope and encouragement to their sons and even has value for daughters. This compact book is published by David C. Cook, Colorado Springs, CO. ISBN 978—1-4347-0358-3More on this book follows here >

Bear Grylls "To My Sons" Book Cover

Photo by Donald Reinhardt, Copyright:

David C Cook, Colorado 


Foggy-Misty Life & Love Seeking Sunshine and Light 
© Donald Reinhardt, January 25, 2012

Life, love and understanding may become surrounded by fogs or mists. It can be dangerous to travel, walk, run or simply remain in fogs and mists. Learn how to escape those ground clouds which hide your life's true destinations and goalsRead more here...

Mists and Fogs are Common in Life. Sun and Warmth Soon Provide Clarity.

Photo Courtesy of Credit to: Suzi46 

Fog and Mist Lifts and Now We Can Clearly See the Road and Any Obstacles
Photo Courtesy of Credit to: Suzi46 


Light, Pathways & Journeys for Bible-Based Christian Living in the Varied Seasons of Life
© Donald Reinhardt, November 12, 2011
Walking in the light and choosing the right paths and directions during your life are important to all who want to think and live well.Choices matter throughout one’s life and we must come to know and understand what the best choices are and regularly make those choices. Here are some perspectives to think about and possibly choose. Read more…

Rainbows formed by water dropletsacting as refraction prisms. Photo Credit: Wikipedia Commons (Pederson)



Your Peace, Salvation or Perdition may be Only a Step or Two Away or Apart on Life’s Path

© Donald Reinhardt, July 21, 2011
Think about the title “Your Peace, Salvation or Perdition may be Only a Step or Two Away or Apart on Life’s Path” and meditate for a minute on it, if you would. There is no need to read any other words, just read that title above because it says quite a bit, at least for one moment, if you will permit yourself just that moment or two. See more following...
Good Paths and Bridges Are Always Needed for Life's Many Journeys.
Photo Credit: Bur. Land Management, Wolf Creek Falls and Little River, Oregon


Das Beste ist Gut Genug  Inspires Challenges Us to Think and Live Well

© Donald Reinhardt, February 20, 2012

“Das Beste ist gut genug” is a simple German phrase that translates in English to “the best is good enough.” It is good advice for all of us here or many of us – only a few regularly attain the goal of the Das Beste – yet the trying is important and worthwhile. Read more…

Competition and Striving to Be the Best and Win 

Photo Credit: Michigan Travel Bureau. Port Huron to Mackinac Sailboat Race

Eagles, Raptors, People: Pushing-Falling-Soaring Goals & Endpoints
© Donald Reinhardt, February 14, 2012
Moving forward toward something new or strange can be difficult. Being careful and thoughtful is certainly
 good. Never taking a step or moving forward may be bad or dangerous. Think about this here…
Beautiful In-Flight, Immature Bald Eagle Looking for FishPhoto Credit: Courtesy of, photo by MJB8126 of LeClaire, Iowa

Formulas for Success Abound - Which is Right for You? Nine Ideas to Consider and Do
© Donald Reinhardt, May 6, 2011
Success and winning are not easy, but they are real possibilities for anyone who is determined to make good and better things happen. Consider these ideas now to promote personal success. Read about success formulas...
Death Recalibrates Life and Living Essentials
© Donald Reinhardt, February 12, 2012
The death of any person is a wakeup call – a reminder that human life is frail, tenuous, temporal, fleeting, fragile, evanescent or any other of dozens of similar words which indicate shortness and brevity. Here is more to think about and read
Whitney Houston, a great singer, entertainer and star died at the age of 48 this Saturday, February 11, 2012.
Whitney Houston, Star Singer & Entertainer, Dead at Age 48: Photo Credit: Wikipedia/Flicker



Bridge Over Troubled Water by Simon & Garfunkel - Song Video Links, Analyses and Insights for Today & Tomorrow

© Donald Reinhardt, August 21, 2011

This may be one of the best of all Simon and Garfunkel’s hit songs. Check here to see an analysis of the song and to hear five song variations and versions. See why it ranks so well and has universal and enduring meaning as shown following...

Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel. Photo Credit,Team


The Sound of Silence by Simon and Garfunkel: Ideas Thoughts and Meaning for Today and Tomorrow

© Donald Reinhardt, August 1, 2011

It is an old song of the 60’s by two talented young men of that time and older men now of 2011. The message of that song is still as clear today as then. What meaning do these lyrics of the Sound of Silence convey today? The songlyrics and ideas are continued here...

Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel. Photo Credit,Team


Like a Bridge Over Stormy Waters, Jesus-Christian Lyrics

© Donald Reinhardt, September 24, 2011

The original Paul Simon lyrics and music of "Bridge Over Troubled Water" are beautiful and clear and they comfort, fortify and uplift Thespecific lyrics here entitled"Bridge Over Stormy Water"are Christian reflections, thoughts and images of what Jesus means to so many "on earth as it is in heaven". It may be sung to any tune that best matches those lyrics or whatever newly-composed tune that best fits. The lyrics are shown here.

Bridge Over Water That is Calm Now, But Possibly Stormy, Raging, Overflowing –Sooner or Later. Credit: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers


Rethinking AGING: Growing Old and Living Well in an Overtreated Society
Book Review by Russ Horton © July 10, 2012 
Dr. Hadler analyzes and debunks faulty statistics and myths and compels all to reevaluate health care for the ‘aged’ in a
completely new light. He exposes marketing chicanery and provides a useful model for personal health options.
Rethinking Aging. Book Cover (c. 2011, Univ North Carolina Press)


Snake-Handling Snake-Bitten Venomous Religion and Faith
© Donald Reinhardt, May 30, 2012
Pastor Mark Wolford, a Pentecostal Holiness minister aged 44 of West Virginia, died less 10.5 hours after a yellow timber rattlesnake bit him. His father died in a similar fashion 29 years earlier. Why is snake-handling part of some church services and what sense is there to it? More here...
Yellow Timber rattlesnake similar to the one that bit Pastor Wolford.
Photo Credit: Ohio DNR, Wildlife Division
Not The Last Goodbye: On Life, Death, Healing and Cancer – Book Review
© Donald Reinhardt, May 19, 2012

David Servan-Schreiber, MD, PhD has written a non-fiction story intrigues me far more than any fictional story. This connection between reality, truth and the depths of human emotion is expressed well in “Not the Last Goodbye” – the mini-autobiography of this doctor who struggled with and overcame glioblastoma and then, 19 years later, returned to that same battlefield to fight again. This is a strong, inspiring and insightful story that has value for cancer victims and survivors as well as family members and friends of all cancer warriors. The book is published by Penguin Group (USA), New York (ISBN 978-0-670-02591-6). More follows right here...

Not the last Goodbye, Cover Photo
Credit: Donald Reinhardt. Copyright: Penguin Group, NY
Not the Last Goodbye, Photo of Author Dr. David Servan-Schreiber
from inside back flyleaf of book cover. Photo Credit: Donald Reinhardt; Copyright: Penguin Group, NY

Social Security – Delay of start and waiting until 70 is not a good option for those near SS activation
© Donald Reinhardt, April 29, 2012
To wait and delay or not to wait and delay for Social Security (SS) benefits – that is the question. Some suggest that waiting until 70 years of age to activate Social Security is a good option that would add significantly about 8% per year or 32% at the end of 4 years to the SS retirement benefit financial benefit for a person who waited to activate SS and lived to that age. This delay may not be the best plan for you and many others as discussed following here.

Retirement planning is important. Photo credit: Moody AFB, U.S. Air Force


The Vital 6 U.S. Government Debt & Political Facts to Know Interpret & Understand in 2012

© Donald Reinhardt, April 12, 2012
Regardless of where anyone stands within the U.S. political spectrum, there are 6 things to really know and understand about the U.S. economy. Continue reading here.
Passing on the debt to the next generations is not a good solution to mountains of debt.
Cartoon Credit:
Just in Case You Ever Wonder – Lucado Kid Book Review
© Donald Reinhardt, March 26, 2012

 Cover of Max Lucado's Book Just In Case You Ever Wonder. c. Word Publication.
Max Lucado is a minister and exceptional Christian writer. His writing for adults is imaginative and insightful and his 1992 kid's book "Just in Case You Ever Wonder" (ISBN 0-8499--0978-3) carries that exceptionalism into a great children's book. Originally composed as a simple verbal story and promise to his three daughters this book will delight children and adults of all ages for the truth and hope it conveys. More about this book here...
Reality & unreality checkpoints in our everyday ordinary greetings
© Donald Reinhardt, March 11, 2012
A simple greeting or friendly greeting and encounter can be a moment of significance importance and consequence. Make your communications and connections work well and be the best. This is shown following... 
Human communications matter, but not all have the same value.
Photo Credit: Attorney General, State of Washington
No! The Great Strength of the Word No – Its Proper and Right Use for Life Changes

© Donald Reinhardt, May 10, 2011

No is a simple, strong and important word. No means a stop, a block, an interdiction, a prohibition of some action not desired. No if used at the proper or right time, moment or circumstance can save a life, avert a tragedy, set a new course. No can be used inappropriately or improperly as when a rightful, proper command or order is given and No is the response. So, learning to use the power of no at the right time and in the right way is important to all.

Discover more about "No" here ...

photo: "No" Signs and Words Are Important (credit: U.S. Dept Transportation, Highway Department).
 Choosing, Booking and Having a Great Cruise
© W. Frysinger, July 6, 2011
If you're considering a cruise, here are a few basic questions to answer as a starting point:

where do you want to go?

when do you want to go?

why are you going?

what can you afford?
Large Cruise Ship. Credit: NOAA photo.
New York City Public School Discipline Rule Changes – New Solution or Mayhem

© Donald Reinhardt, August 31, 2012

The New York City School System has amended the rules of discipline for students so that those who smoke, curse or cut classes will no longer be punished by suspension from class or school. How does that sound to you? More to read here>

Student work and discipline is important. Photo Credit:
Waiter-Waitress Meal Bills Tabs Tips and Other Purchase Payments – Consumer Economics 101
 © Donald Reinhardt, August 20, 2012
We all tend to lose or mismanage money from time to time and, in most cases, we can not afford to lose or mismanage hard-earned money. Everyone should be careful and dedicated with cash and credit card and online payments. This monetary diligence is a step in the right direction for a better personal economy for everyone.
Read more about this here >
 Good food service at a restaurant is important. Photo Credit:

Crazy ladies' & women's only freebies-goodies-discounts specials
© Donald Reinhardt, July 24, 2012
 What does "ladies only specials" really mean? Yes, there are freebies, goodies and discounted specials for women and not for men in the 21st century America. Non-discrimination I thought was eliminated? I think not – it still exists! Read on here...

Ladies’ Day specials exist in many places. Photo credit: Vandenberg U.S. Air Force base

Women’s and ladies' specials treat females more favorably, like royality, sometimes. Photo credit:


Chevy Volt Production Stopped March 2012 – What Does This Really Mean?
 © Donald Reinhardt, March 4, 2012
General Motors recently announced that Chevy Volt production lines will closed down for about 5 weeks starting mid March. GM cited a large Volt inventory and sluggish sales. Are other Chevy Volt issues lurking in the background too? Read more here

Chevrolet Volt, A Hybrid Gas-Electric Car. Photo Credit: U.S. Dept Labor, BLS


Enfamil Baby Formula 2011, Infant Death and Cronobacter (Enterobacter)sakazakii

© Donald Reinhardt, December 24, 2011. Updated December 25, 26, 28, 31 2011

Mead Johnson, the CDC and FDA reported today that the one investigated lot of Mead Johnson's Enfamil was not a bacterially-contaminated formula of the sealed containers. More follows here…

Enterobacter sp. from vegetation/plant material. Electron MicrographPhoto Credit: Dr. Barbara Panessa Warren


Facts: An eBay Seller Scam Fails As Buyer Protection Vanquishes & Wins

© Donald Reinhardt, December 10, 2011

One transaction does not make a business universe but the eBay Buyer Protection worked here. Read about an actual bad purchase and possible scam and see how eBay Buyer Protection worked. Read about this event here...

Envelope and Coin Received Instead of Computer Drives. Photo Credit:© Donald Reinhardt, December 10, 2011


Fact Check on Volt (GM Chevy) Problems Assurances Loans Buyback

© Donald Reinhardt, December 2, 2011. Updated January 5, 2012.

“Green” -energy-conscious-and-saving persons all welcome alternative fuel and hybrid cars as the potential waves of the future. The Chevy Volt is part of that future, but, unfortunately, the road to that green future is and will bebumpy as all new ventures usually are. Read more here…

Chevrolet Volt, A Hybrid Gas-Electric Car. Photo Credit: U.S. Dept Labor, BLS


A View of How & Why Modern Societies Wallow in Financial-Social Chaos
© Donald Reinhardt, November 22, 2011
 Everyone it seems in 2011 and soon into 2012 –and perhaps well beyond these times–will be looking for solutions to the major problems of our time. From the debts crisis in Europe, the debt buildup in the United States and the riots, protests, wars and conflicts throughout the world and especially now in the Middle East, real trouble abides, lives and breathes wide, deep and with strength. Where is there any real hope? Read more here...

U.S. 2010 Per Capita State Income Distribution ($39,945 Average)
Chart and Data Credit: U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis

Capture & Rewards & Ransoms of Ships, People, Soldiers and Pets as Ways to Earn Money

© Donald Reinhardt, October 31, 2011

In a world gone crazy and getting worse by the hour, the reward for the capture of Israeli soldiers has been raised to almost one million dollars. That is not a bad daily or yearly income for anyone, but kidnapping, ransoms, piracy and the associated monetary rewards are not very good, acceptable practices or comforting thoughts.This latest report among others indicates that life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are threatened now more than ever.

Pirates may attack ships of all kinds – pleasure or commercial. Photo Credit: State of R.I., U.S.

Steve Job Dies at 56 –Living On Are His Creative Ideas Words Projects and Products

© Donald Reinhardt, October 6, 2011

For those who love Apple and Macintosh computers, iTunes, iPhones,iPods, iPads, Pixar-Disney cartoon-animationmovies, NeXT, Steve Jobs is the creator, originator, inventor and the genius who did so much so well.
Read of his life and achievements here.
Steve Jobs, Former CEO Apple Computer, Photo Credit:Wikimedia Commons,Matt Yohe



Guinea Pig People Buyers as Economic Experimental Animals and Lessons to Learn
© Donald Reinhardt, September 23, 2011

To be an economic guinea pig or not to be one is a big question which always gets a quick "No!" from me. How about you? Do you want to avoid being an economic guinea pig? Please read on.

Alert and Friendly Adult Guinea Pigs. Credit: Wikimedia Commons, Carlosar
 Choose Perennial Flowers as Important Foundation Plants for Your Garden
© Donald Reinhardt, May 2, 2011
Perennials are year-after-year plants that remain, or return after a resting phase, to adorn the garden for many years. Properly selected and planted perennials are a joy to cultivate and behold. Learn how here...

Wildflowers –Classic Prairie & Garden Flowers of Spring, Summer and Fall. Sunflowers, cornflow
Herbert Hoover Presidential Library & Museum Archives, U. S.
Weed Wisdom Lore Learning and Guidance from Weeds of Many Types
© Donald Reinhardt, September 10, 2011
You might think that weeds are useless, annoying, bothersome, aggravating plants. Weeds usually are covered by all of these descriptive adjectives and possibly many more. But anyone can learn to deal with, understand, control, learn and be taught by weeds. See how here.
Sedge, a tough, grass-like weed removed from the author's front yard. Note flower head buds and abundant root system. Credit: Donald Reinhardt


Utoeya (UtØya) Norway: Love and Hate and What We Know of Terrorism by an Assassin and Cold-Blooded Killer© Donald Reinhardt, June 23, 2011, updated June 25, 2011

A building was blown up inNorway with fertilizer and gasoline and soon, thereafter, a terrorist is shooting and killing almost 100 of 700 young people at a political retreat on Utoya Island, NorwayMore to read here...

Utoya Island, Norway and Killer-Terrorist Anders Behring Breivik. Photo Credit: VG Nett, Norway

Needful Help & Rescue from Personal and National Debt – Insights, Concepts and Facts

© Donald Reinhardt, July 12, 2011

Debt and credit are tied closely to each other. Too much debt without enough resources to pay this debt back leads to bad personal and national credit. To solve any debt and credit problem it is necessary to manage and eliminate as much unnecessary debt and expenses as possible


as discussed here....


Credit Card Debt Can Be a Big Trap and Pitfall for Budgets & Finances, Photo Credit: State of Ohio, U.S.





Casey Anthony Trial: Closing Arguments, Facts, Data, Conclusions, Verdict
© Donald Reinhardt, July 3, 2011. Updated July 4,11,14 and 16,2011
A child, Caylee Anthony age 2, is dead. A mother, Casey Anthony age 25, is the accused and incarcerated defendant.The Casey Anthony trial has run and spun to the end with closing arguments on Sunday, July 3 and Monday, July 4,2011. And how does the evidence for murder in the first degree for Casey Anthony hold up as presented by the State of Florida and the District Attorney's lawyers led by Jeff Ashton, Linda Burdick and colleagues? And what have the defense lawyers – Jose Baez, Cheney Mason and associates – done to disprove the allegations for murder one? Evaluate the deliberations and see the verdict and follow the outcome and story of Casey Anthony– Read more details and information...
Casey Anthony Mug Shot, Wikipedia CommonsCasey Anthony (Mug Photo, Wikipedia Commons)

AIDS & HIV, Three Decades (30 Years) of Discovery, Research and Biochemical Warfare
© Donald Reinhardt, June 12, 2011
For some, the beginning of AIDS and the story of the human immunodeficiency retrovirus known as HIV seems quite recent. For others, the same story seemsto have happened a very long time ago. It has been three full decades since the first defined AIDS disease report emerged on June 5, 1981 in the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR)of the Centers for Disease Control.Discover more about AIDS and HIV...

Think, Plan, Travel and Vacation Intelligently

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A good vacation is still possible for vacationers who are on limited and tight budgets and faced with rising costs. Here are a dozen useful ideas to review for your vacation plans and planning. Read and discover much more here...
Vacations are Good. Winery Tour Site, Photo Credit: Government of Grants Pass, Oregon
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------No! The Great Strength of the Word No – Its Proper and Right Use for Life Changes

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No is a simple, strong and important word. No means a stop, a block, an interdiction, a prohibition of some action not desired. No if used at the proper or right time, moment or circumstance can save a life, avert a tragedy, set a new course. No can be used inappropriately or improperly as when a rightful, proper command or order is given andNo is the response. So, learning to use the power of no at the right time and in the right way is important to all.

Discover more about "No" here ...

photo: "No" Signs and Words Are Important (credit: U.S. Dept Transportation, Highway Department).
VERITAS Christmas Joy Peace Love and Mayhem
Donald Reinhardt, December 23, 2012
We are here to wish you all the real, essential Christmas gifts of Joy, Peace and Love this day and every day.We already know the Lord has come and He is always with us. More follows here on this Christmas Veritas and Mayhem.
Nativity –The Birth of Christ. Photo Credit: Library of Congress

A Dozen Great Ethnic Christmas Tidings and Video Songs to Enjoy

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The winter season has been a special time of celebration for people throughout the world even before Jesus Christ was born. Three centuries after Christ's birth, around 360 AD, the celebration of Christmas began to honor Christ and traditions of gift-giving and trees and lights from prior festivals merged into the new Christian tradition now called Christmas. The songs here recall the best, great traditions, classic melodies, rhythms, instruments and vocalizations in words honoring Jesus Christ. Enjoy a multicultural-musical tour of many foreign lands with some of the best Christmas music selections ever. Discover new, old, and great Christmas music compositions – solos, choral presentations and symphonies are just a click away. Christmas native language greetings also are provided here in 13 languages: Bulgarian, English, French, German, Greek, Irish-Gaelic, Italian, Polish, Russian, Serbian, Slovenian, Spanish, and Ukrainian. See and read all the links here...

Nativity –The Birth of Christ Tondo. Photo Credit: Library of Congress


Nifty Ethnic World Songs & Dances & 14 Ethnic New Year Greetings


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by Donald Reinhardt


New Year celebrations are special, joyful times for people throughout the world. For some cultures Christmas continues to January 6 as the celebration for the birth of Jesus Christ. Nevertheless, for most people the calendar change for the New Year at midnight to January 1 will feature masses, hymns, songs and in some joyful parties. The songs and dances that follow here cover anytime celebrations or New Year traditions, classic melodies, rhythms, instruments and vocalizations in words taking joy in the New Year. Many of the dances here are traditional celebrations at weddings, parties and anniversaries of all kinds. Let's listen, sing, dance and enjoy at this page here!


Happy New Year Photo Credit: Library of Congress

A Dozen Great Ethnic Easter Video Songs and Ethnic Easter Greetings
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This article features original video linkages and an expanded library of over 40 Easter ethnic video songs and a baker's dozen of ethnic Easter greetings. See the full article here>
Jesus Christ, an artist's depiction of typical attire and facial features of this man born in Bethlehem, living in Nazareth and preaching and teaching in that region from the age of 30 to about 33. He was crucified, died and was buried and Christians of that time witnessed and proclaimed to a true Resurrection (easter Sunday) and life for 40 days on earth until his Ascension. Christians proclaim that to this day and believe that Jesus will return as promised.
Photo Credit:
O.J. Simpson Criminal and Civil Trials – Compared & Contrasted
© Donald Reinhardt, September 11, 2012
There were two O.J. Simpson trials, one criminal and one civil, and O.J. won the criminal trial and was acquitted but he lost in the civil trial. Why were the two trial results different? Read more>

Orenthal James Simpson, Inmate Photo. Photo Credit: Lovelock Nevada Prison

Anthony Weiner as a political returnee and winner – maybe or maybe not
© Donald Reinhardt, July 17, 2012

Yes, Anthony Weiner, the disgraced NY congressman, who resigned his post after some indecencies via texting and Tweets is mulling running for Mayor or Solicitor General in NY. Can he win? Read more...
Anthony D. Weiner, photo from: BioGuide U.S. Congress
Charles Rangel, U.S. congressman won re-election after censure by U.S. House. Photo: BioGuide U.S.

Review of ABC’s Apt 23 or Don’t Trust the B_ in Apt 23
© Donald Reinhardt, April 13, 2012
“Apt 23” or “Don’t Trust the B_ in Apt 23” is another new sitcom from ABC TV that challenges your ability as a viewer to continue watching and reminds one of another ABC flop “GCB.” Here's more of this review >
ABC's Apt 23 or Don'tTrust the B_ in Apt 23 features Krysten Ritter, James Van Der Beek and Dreama Walker (Center to Right; Photo Credit ABC Entertainment News)
GCB – review ABC’s sitcom show which is GCB or Much Ado About Nothing
© Donald Reinhardt, March 5, 2012
If you watched ABC television’s “GCB” you might want a refund for your investment of one hour of viewing time. GCB originally was entitled Good Christian Bitches and later was retitled Good Christian Belles or simply GCB. The show was recently announced as cancelled by ABC in early May, sometime around May 12, 2012. Read and see why as the story line begins and follows in the review here.

GCB Cast. Photo Credit: ABC TV
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