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Foggy-Misty Life & Love Seeking Sunshine and Light 

© Donald Reinhardt, January 25, 2012

Life, love and understanding may become surrounded by fogs or mists. It can be dangerous to travel, walk, run or simply remain in fogs and mists. Learn how to escape those ground clouds which hide your life's true destinations and goals.

Some Roadmaps for A Foggy-Misty Life & Love Seeking Sunshine and Light

There is no simple magic or one formula to dispel abuse, animosity, bias, confusion, 

dislike, hardships, hurt, ignorance,  injustice, misunderstanding, pain, sorrow, racism 

or any number of other things that impede life, love and learning. However,
just as the rising sun lifts the morning mists and as winds blow the fog away, we all 

should seek that warmth and those winds of change which can brighten our vistas and 
enable us to see and sail more clearly. 
“I Can See Clearly Now” is the title of a simple, joyful and hopeful song. Yes, the song 

says there can be clarity in life and then the obstacles stand out and they can be seen, 

avoided and overcome and the sun will be bright and shining. But "I Can See Clearly 
Now" needs to be more than that simple song and a slogan of words – it needs to be a deeper, 

thoughtful philosophy, a way of living and movements and direction that have strength and lasting power. 

Anyone can begin to implement such a philosophy today, not tomorrow, and anyone  can continue 

to strengthen and build the strong foundation which can carry one the distance of life – whatever that distance is. 

Guideposts for Driving Along Life's Highways and Byways

What follows here are some, not all, of the guidelines to help you or someone else make it down and up and over and along
the road of life:

1. Seek values and ideas that are time-tested, work and endure well. 

2. Walk and run with what you know is right, good and proper – if you do not have that running skill
find someone who can walk, jog and then run swiftly with you and beside you on life's path. 

3. A friend who is good, trusted and wise is worth much, now and always.

4. Learn from your mistakes, do not repeat mistakes and believe, hope and work for the best.

5. Find your purpose and meaning in life and seek the creator, the giver, the core of life. 

6. Faith, hope and love are more than words – they are the essence of life's important foundations and you
need to find them and then build on them.

Driving Metaphors for Foggy-Misty Life & Love Seeking Sunshine and Light

1. Use a good map or GPS (global positioning device) for planning your life's long journey.

2. Do not exceed the speed limit because the rules that are there are meant for safety, not for annoyance or hindrance.

3. Maintain your life vehicle (body) health with good fuel, lubrication and regular checkups – repair or replace defects whenever possible.

4. When things get dark outside, turn the lights on so you can see and others can see you.

5. Sometimes you must apply the brakes and slow things down to a manageable pace – being under the speed limit may be better than over the limit.

6. When you are going uphill it will take more fuel and energy to make it, so never run near empty when you know the uphill climb is long and steep.

7. When going downhill, coasting and saving fuel, don't get overconfident, stay alert and watch out for life's curves, twists and turns. Remember, again, good brakes and periodic braking will help to keep you on the road.

8. Know where you can fuel up and rest because the life journey is long.

9. Heed the road signs and obey them – they were placed there by knowledgeable people who want to see you reach your destination safely.
Here's wishing you a good and safe trip. Think, live well, now and always.

Mists and Fogs are Common in Life – Sun & Warmth Provide Clarity.
Photo Courtesy of, Credit to: Suzi46 

Fog and Mist Lifts –Now We Can Clearly See The Way and Any Obstacles
Photo Courtesy of Credit to: Suzi46.