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A Dozen Great Ethnic Easter Video Songs and Ethnic Easter Greetings
c. Donald Reinhardt, Nov. 20, 2012; Revised and Updated, Nov.20,2012 from the original copyrighted article by Donald Reinhardt published by the same author
This article features original video linkages and an expanded library of over 40 Easter ethnic video songs and a baker's dozen of ethnic Easter greetings.

Easter season is a very special celebration for people throughout the world. The songs below remind and celebrate the best, great traditions, classic melodies, rhythms, instruments and vocalizations in words honoring the suffering, death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Enjoy this multicultural musical extravaganza and some of the best Easter music ever. Discover new, old, and great Easter music selections. Musical solos, choral presentations and symphonies are a few seconds away.

Easter native language greetings are provided here in these languages: Bulgarian, English, French, German, Greek, Irish-Gaelic, Italian, Polish, Russian, Serbian, Slovenian, Spanish, and Ukrainian.

Traditional Religious Easter Worldwide, Foreign Music Honoring the Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ

Here following are some of the best selections of this viewer-listener and writer. I spent many hours reviewing many mainstream kinds of traditional Easter music from foreign lands.

This musical and visual review represents quality, quality, Easter music for your enjoyment both in sight and sound. Listen and see a world of Easter treasures and pleasures.

Your attention is directed to the following fine presentations:

1.    Arabic – 1. The Passion as hauntingly sung by Lebanese singer Fairouz. 2.Jesus is Risen  Video of a mall presentation of this vibrant testimony.

2.    Bulgarian – 1. Bulgarian Easter celebration with excellent, rhythmic, ethnic music and a mix of wonderful slides. Conveys the joy and spirit of Easter! A Super presentation! 2. Easter Chant, Hosana in Excelsis, Sofia Boys Choir

3.    English – 1. He's Alive. Subtitled version sung by the original composer and lyricist Don Francisco; a superior song and presentation with excellent story slides.  2. The Easter Song (He Is Risen, Hear the Bells Ringing) originally written by Anne Herring ("Second Chapter of Acts") and also sung by Keith Green with his added verse. Excellent display of karaoke lyrics. 3. The Easter Song wonderful slides and singing by the group "Glad". 4. The Easter Song (karaoke words and slides, excellent presentation and vocal by "Second Chapter of Acts".  4. Via Dolorosa by Sandi Patty, the original artist who sang this and represents the gold standard of the song. 5. Via Dolorosa, a Klondike Baptist Church provides an excellent presentation with great karaoke lyrics in English followed by singing in Spanish with lyrics on screen. 6.Via Dolorosa sung by Antonio Melejor, a nicely done male vocal with English and Spanish lyrics and appropriate karaoke subtitles for each language. Excellent, bright, artistic, story slides accompany this song. And last but not least the 7. Via Dolorosa, by Tatiana of "I Thirst" sung in English and Spanish with a delicate and respectful accompaniment of flute and keyboard.

4.    French – My Redeemer Lives, English Singing (Hillsong) with Karaoke English and French subtitles.

5.    German – Christ Ist Erstanden, German Original Tune played on the organ. See also, Christ the Lord is Risen Today with lyrics and Joslin Grove Choral Group choir in English.

6.    Greek – Hristós anésti, Greek Orthodox, acapella version sung by Divna Ljubojevic with background vocalization – absolutely wonderful and heavenly. This is a must hear solo presentation.

7.    Latin – Antonio Vivaldi's Gloria in excelsis Deo by the Sophia Boys Choir.

8.    Polish – Zbawienie Przyszlo Przez Krzyz - Salvation, with English and Polish subtitles following the Polish or English lyrics during the song. Nice slides and pictures are embedded.

9.    Russian – Via Dolorosa, sung with passion in Russian by unknown female vocalist. Beautiful. Graphic, dramatic, and cinema video insert.

10.  Spanish –1. Por La Vi Dolorosa (Spanish Karaoke subtitles with slides). 2. Canta al Senor (Shout to the Lord) beautifully sung by Aline Barros with Don Moen, Paul Wilbur and a great karaoke word display. 3. Santo es el Senor (Holy is the Lord) with projected words in Spanish accompanied by nature scene photos.

11.  Serbian - 1. Serbian Easter – Hristos Voskrese 2. Hristos Voskrese Studio Workshop for Easter music, nicely done with many beautiful views of Serbs in song and play and work.

12.  Ukrainian – Easter Medley, finely sung in Ukrainian by the choir at Saint Josaphat Ukrainian Byzantine Catholic Cathedral Choir Parma Ohio

Special Classic Easter Video Music Presentations 

These three presentations are outstanding representations of Easter:

1.    Coro de Madrid a Valencia majestically sings Gloria in exclesis Deo

2.    Gloria in excelsis Deo - Choir The Voice of Hope & Sofia Philharmonic

3.    Handel's "Messiah" Hallelujah Chorus sung with visual, flip cards by the Silent Monks – performed at a Baptist church service.

A Dozen Foreign Language Easter Greetings from All Over the World

These are the classic and traditional greetings in the languages of the world for those who celebrate Easter and the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. (Resource credit for selected language greetings below to

1.    Bulgarian – Hristos Voskrese (Christ has risen) – Voistina Voskrese (Truly, he has risen).

2.    English – Happy Easter. Christ is Risen! –Christ is Risen Indeed! He is Risen! – Risen Indeed!

3.    French – Joyeuses Pâques

4.    German – Frohe Ostern

5.    Greek – Hristós anésti (Christ has Risen) – Alithós anésti (Truly he has Risen)

6.    Irish/Gaelic – Cáisc Shona Dhuit/Dhaoibh, Beannachtaí na Cásca

7.    Italian – Buona Pasqua

8.    Polish – Szczesliwej Wielkanocy! Wesolych Swiat Wielkiej Nocy

9.    Russian – Xristos voskrese (Christ resurrected) – Voistinu voskrese (Truly resurrected).

10.  Serbian – Hristos vaskrse (Christ resurrected) – Vaistina vaskrse (Truly resurrected).

11.  Spanish – ¡Felices Pascuas!

12.  Ukrainian – Khrystos Voskres! (Christ is Risen) – Voyistynu Voskres! (Truly He is Risen!)

13.  And, for a baker's dozen –Slovenian Easter greetings – Vesele velikonocne praznike

Worldwide, Ethnic, Traditional Easter Music Presentations with Joy and Best Wishes to You

Easter is a joyful and beautiful time for people in many places. These selections are a small bounty of great music of many diverse instruments, lyrics and vocalizations.

This presentation of foreign land music and videos has grown here to over 40 of the best selections and may be forwarded as a message of Christmas and year round hope, love and joy to friends, neighbors and relatives. Many of your friends may cherish and remember some of the foreign traditions celebrated here in this festival of Christmas music and songs.

Each presentation speaks of joy and hope. To those who celebrate a traditional, religious Easter my sincere wishes that you and your family have a Blessed, Joyful Easter and blessings throughout the year.

Jesus Christ, an artist's depiction of typical attire and facial features of this man born in Bethlehem, living in Nazareth and preaching and teaching in that region from the age of 30 to about 33. He was crucified, died and was buried and Christians of that time witnessed and proclaimed to a true Resurrection (easter Sunday) and life for 40 days on earth until his Ascension. Christians proclaim that history to this day and believe that Jesus will return as promised.
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