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Crazy ladies' & women's only freebies-goodies-discounts specials

© Donald Reinhardt, July 24, 2012

What does "ladies only specials" really mean? Yes, there are freebies, goodies and discounted specials for women and not for men in the 21st century America. Non-discrimination I thought was eliminated? I think not – it still exists!

Oil change special inducements for women and ladies

It was a simple ride down the highway and there it was: “$5 Off, Quick Oil Change for Ladies, Every Tuesday.” As a gentleman, I am respectful and nice to ladies regularly and believe me there is no need for me to list those ways. However, when I saw this sign, I became a bit concerned and meditative. I really thought this was the era of equal opportunity and non-discrimination and non-favoritism, yet there, right in front of me was a case of favoritism and discrimination by the oil change and lubrication company. Now, I like ladies and that includes the one I am married to and other good ladies that I have met. In fact, in many ways I prefer ladies and tend to discriminate in their favor on a personal basis. That’s because I think ladies appreciate and sometimes need help when they ask for it and sometimes even when they don’t ask for help. So, in a way, I discriminate in favor of ladies over men. But this particular sign and advertisement started to weigh on me heavier and heavier – first as a small anchor and then later almost as one as big as the Titanic’s. Could an oil change company discriminate against men on Tuesday or any day for that matter?

Laws against sex and other types of discrimination – there are many

There are many laws that prohibit discrimination on the basis of sex, race, nationality, religion and the like and that is evident by the Federal EEO laws that relate to employment. But this was not about employment – this was a case of unequal discounting that favored the fair, supposedly-weaker and definitely-living-longer female of the human species. Just as an aside to this issue of laws, let me remind those who may not know or have forgotten that as a nation the U.S. is really terrific at passing laws – lots and lots of them. We even passed the large Affordable Health Care Act (Obamacare) of over 2,300 pages that no one in Congress actually read – that is one terrific accomplishment for the U.S House and Senate and it shows how skilled we are as a nation, but that is a story to be continued for another time and another place. Soon, however, I thought that perhaps I missed a law that permitted oil changes for ladies only to be discounted, but look as hard as I could I found none. Then I thought, could the oil company actually deny a $5 discount on Tuesday to a man? Was it really legal? What if a man said he felt like he was a woman? Believed he was a woman? Impersonated a woman? What if a man brought his wife’s car and showed the registration and her driver’s ID would that work? So, off to the oil-change manager I went and proceeded to investigate because those are the kinds of things I often like to do.

Oil change “$5 Off, Ladies Day” experiment and encounter

On Tuesday, July 24, 2012 off to the advertising “ladies day special” oil change facility I went. I presented myself to the manager as someone who wanted to get the ladies discount and was told that it was for ladies only but, he said, "You look like a lady to me, so you can get the discount." He smiled and I smiled and, since he was significantly larger and younger than I, I decided not to contest his latter point at all. I also asked him if I brought in my wife’s car and registration for that car would that be honored and he said it would. The mission was accomplished. The bottom line is clear on two major points: if you are a male and ask for a female discount you should be prepared for anything to be said or happen and secondly, it is better to bring your wife’s car and registration rather than suffer other consequences.

Yes, I checked the mirror when I got home after my visit to the oil change facility and I noted my masculine five o’clock shadow and “man” body all affirmed who I was. Nevertheless, it always takes a little time for a bruised ego to recover. So, the next time I see “Ladies’ Day or Ladies’ Night” I will  think twice and well and decide accordingly what is my best course of action. I might even end up paying full, non-lady’s-discounted prices for all things in the immediate and far future. That’s today’s word to the wise from one man to another!

Ladies’ Day specials exist in many places. Photo credit: Vandenberg U.S. Air Force base


Women’s and ladies' specials treat females more favorably, like royality, sometimes. Photo credit: