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Anthony Weiner as a political returnee and winner  – maybe or maybe not
© Donald Reinhardt, July 17, 2012
Yes, Anthony Weiner, the disgraced NY congressman, who resigned his post after some indecencies via texting and Tweets is mulling running for Mayor or Solicitor General in NY. Can he win?
Annie Karni of the NY Post reported that Anthony Weiner may run again for political office. My initial thoughts on this possibility led me to remark that there is nothing quite like politicians with much money and long political track records (or criminal records) who want to get re-elected or elected to a new positions of authority and influence. In this current case the story unfolds of Anthony Weiner who resigned from the U.S. Congress  after revelations of inappropriate texting and photos related to women other than his new bride who was with-child at the time. Weiner has been out of Congress for less than 2 years, but he hears the call to return to the political arena and it must be a loud call.
It is believed that Weiner has about 4.5 million dollars in a political storage chest just waiting to be used. This money must be spent soon, otherwise Weiner will lose it, therefore this campaign fund likely makes a political run by him almost inevitable. Politicians who run again make themselves feel good and young again (even as some of them approach 70, 80 or 90 years of age). Yes, these political run-again-and-again characters get great political adrenalin highs and deliver lofty, promise-laden and condemnatory-of-the-opponent speeches. They all seem to believe that the city, the nation and the world really need them and not someone else – certainly not that dastardly opponent who each politician will tell you about in the hundreds and hundreds of ads that remind prospective voters how great I am and how bad that other politician is.  Barney Frank and Chris Dodd died hard with political retirements and in Anthony Weiner's case – he has got many miles to go before he is ready to retire. Yes, Anthony Weiner feels the need to run with the rest of the political pack around the never-ending dog track, chasing mechanical budgets and lofty visions of a better future for him. Ask Charlie Rangel about comebacks and he will tell you that professional politicians always get up and keep running because that is the way they are built and what they train for every election cycle. It is easy to believe, really believe, that politicians are almost as enduring as that mechanical rabbit at the dog track – they run over and over again and never tire as quickly as the greyhounds who chase them.
Anthony D. Weiner, lost his congressional and ponders comeback. photo from: BioGuide U.S. Congress
Charles Rangel, U.S. congressman won re-election after censure by U.S. House. Photo: BioGuide U.S.