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This site will include specific, select, designated products and sponsors that will be featured here by advertising agreement with those purveyors. The rates for advertising and sponsorships are very reasonable and can be obtained by e-mailing us at the address below.
Advertisers will fall outside the domain of Google Ads and Google Adsense which is a part of advertising and promotion program.
The products advertised and promoted here will be quality products that are tested and evaluated as such and which are, to the best of our knowledge, honest and good representations of what they say they are.
All advertisments and promotions here are covered exclusively by guarantee of the purveyor and are not the responsibility of
Our policy will always be to advertise, carry or promoteany provider who meets high standards of product and consumer satisfaction – you can be assured of that and that is our promise to all of you.
Advertisers and sponsors may reach us for further details by e-mail at the Contact Us page.
Thanks for considering being an advertiser or sponsor.