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Das Beste ist Gut Genug  Inspires Challenges Us to Think and Live Well

© Donald Reinhardt, February 20, 2012

“Das Beste ist gut genug” is a simple German phrase that translates in English to “the best is good enough.” It is good advice for all of us here or many of us – only a few regularly attain the goal of the Das Beste – yet the trying is important and worthwhile.

Competition and Striving to Be the Best and Win

Credit: Michigan Travel Bureau. Port Huron to Mackinac Sailboat Race

Most of us have heroes or heroines in history, sports, literature and even among some friends and family members – who we hold up to high honor and esteem. These people have certain desirable and admirable character and personality traits. And if we admire, emulate or strive  to be like them there is certainly nothing wrong with that. So, I thought, why not think today about becoming good, better and eventually maybe the best? Why shouldn’t this “das Beste” concept apply to all of us who dare to even harbor that lofty thought for just a few moments?

The Life Journey to the Best Finish Line Begins with the First Step

Yes, another phrase for us to use and think about:  “A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.” That is an ancient Chinese proverb which has stood the test of time and the proverb fits or coincides with being and becoming the best. How is this so?

Taking the first step in any life event is usually a time of tentativeness and being careful.  Babies rock and roll, push and turn and as they get stronger they push up, reach out, grab, crawl and explore. Soon from crawling hands and knees babies rise up, grab hold and try to balance and then soon, as they begin standing, they find that higher level living is, shall we say, more demanding. The higher position of one’s head exposes that head to a longer downward fall with potential injury. Therefore, good judgment and care is always in order for babies and beginners of all sorts. Once anyone takes those first baby steps and walks for limited distances there follows longer travel distances and still greater and greater ventures. Yet later baby steppers find they can gallop and run. Wow, so much is possible!  Then, perhaps, about 20 years later, we hear the pop of a gun, the start of the race and fast beat of feet and a winner crossing the finishing line and winning Olympic gold. For some people, 20 years or less is all they ever had to live and for others it is a segment of a much longer life to be lived.

Life Steps & Thoughts That Matter for All of Us – How to Take Life Steps & Thoughts That Count & Matter

Most of us do not aspire to be Olympic champions, but we can hope to be great common people – the best that we can be and believers that the best of what we have within us is good enough.

Too many people are content to be subpar or excel in and with trivia. You can be the best at tiddlywinks or marbles or checkers or video games, but that is only a start and those things don’t matter or count for much in the bigger picture of life.

Are you challenging yourself? Are you raising the expectations or content to be just where you are? Are you at your optimum? Can you be better than that? Are you content with the commonplace, the prosaic, and the mundane? Are you locked into defeatism,  I-don’t-care-ism, it-is always-going-to-be-like-this–ism, there-is-no-way-out-of-here- ism? If one or more of these represents your condition, then change your attitude and change it now!

Have a Life Plan,Think and Change for The Good and Aim High for the Better and Become the Best

Why do some people become absolute failures and others who seemed to be failures turn into heroes, heroines, and saints and people of noble stature?

Some might say these things about heroes and heroines and successful people: “they were lucky”, “fate favored them”, “they were given golden spoons to feed themselves” or any other large number of poor excuses or reasons. Instead, when you look closer, you will find these “becomers” were workers and not idlers. These “becomers” never doubted that they could become better and never hesitated when reaching that level to become the best. They had an attitude with altitude that enabled them to see and aim high. They flew above the clouds and knew their approximate and final destinations and they had a plan for reaching those places they wanted to go.

In many cases these “becomers” felt called to a higher cause, a higher purpose, by a Higher Being and they felt that they had a mission that could and would be accomplished. Whatever the call and by whatever means, it came and they heard an inner voice. They dreamed as true dreamers, they saw visions and they had viable directions. And one by one we have seen them arrive in the halls of fame, not the halls of shame. These dreamers, these “becomers” have made something special of each of their lives and they have reached a place some said they would never be.

And now you might ask, “Who is there to cheer me on?” How can I carry that motto forward, “Das Beste ist gut genug”?  Yes, who is there for you? That is an acceptable thought and question deserving of an answer.  Count me in as one who can cheer for you, even though I don’t know you or see you. Because I know if you have received and understood these thoughts here, then I know also that these thoughts are now part of the plan you can use to move forward with the first step.

Hopefully, others will cheer for you along the way, and I will always cheer for you, you can believe that. I cheer for my children and their children, I cheer for my friends and their friends and relatives of friends and I always cheer for anyone and everyone and all those who believe and trust they can become better each and every day – one step at a time on a journey of a thousand miles. Cheers and more cheers! Yes, I believe that there are higher purposes and higher causes being guided by a Higher Being and that makes the biggest and the most important difference of all when it comes to the category of cheers.