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Bear Grylls, To My Sons, Lessons For…Life – A Book Review 

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Reinhardt, May 18, 2012

Bear Grylls is a different kind of  person both in name and style of living. As an adventurer, explorer, survivalist and television star and performer he is an amazing and energetic individual. Grylls recent book is a 127 page illustrated and compact treatise that conveys words and pictures of love and encouragement to his sons. The book has value for fathers of young boys who want to convey stories of love, hope and encouragement to their sons. This compact book is published by David C. Cook, Colorado Springs, CO. ISBN 978—1-4347-0358-3.

Bear Grylls, What Does This Great Adventurer Say to His Sons?

The Preface of “To My Sons” says much and says it well. “To my sons the great joy of my life,” is an affirmation of love that all loving fathers need to say and convey. And what follows in the Preface is a series of good, simple thoughts for these and all young boys. This book clearly brings into focus some basic facts and truths that are learned during one dad’s up and down lifetime. Bear Grylls calls the life story “the game of life” as he encourages his and other youths (and even we who parent) to follow your heart and your many dreams. Yes, “cherish those close to you”, “live boldly” and with a smile. He concludes with how he loves and cherishes his sons.

Some Bear Grylls Thoughts for His Sons of His and Your Sons

There are over 60 good, simple, direct, clear and heartfelt ideas and phrases with cartoon pictures to accompany each thought and phrase. Here are ten Bear Grylls quotes, vignettes and excerpts from the book:

“Live a wild, generous full, exciting life – blessing those around you and seeing the good in all.”

“Follow your dreams – they are God given.”

“Build people up.”

“Be faithful – any old slime can cheat!”

“Remember that how you speak about others speaks loudest about yourself.”

“Sometimes it is worth losing a battle to win the war.”

“Jesus came to seek and save us –let Him do His job.”

“Spend more time with your family and less at work.”

“Make a little time to be quiet by yourself every day and just be.”

“Don’t worry about anything that is outside your sphere of influence – if you can’t change it, don’t waste time worrying about it!”

Bear Grylls last words on p 126 are these: “Know that I love you and am always with you and am oh, so proud. – Your Papa.”  Following this is the end quote: “The Lord himself watches over you!” (Psalm 121:5 NLT).

Bear Grylls Communicates with His Sons, Everyone’s Sons, Grandsons and Even All Young People 

In summary, Bear Grylls tells it like he has learned and knows it. He conveys a Christian message and a biblical perspective as the book unfolds and develops. Any dad or grandparent lacking the time to write out love and life messages to their children would do well to purchase the book, sign the book with a personal love message and pass it on to someone as a gift for a birthday, graduation or any day. This book's words and thoughts also are completely relevant and meaningful for girls and young women – just in case you ever wonder about that.


Grylls, Bear. 2012 To My Sons: Lessons For the Wild Adventure Called Life. David C. Cook Publisher, Colorado Springs, Colorado

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