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Creating True Followers and Friends Amidst Modern Communications and Interactions

© Donald Reinhardt, August 1, 2012

Are we and or will be better, modern people and sociable persons as a result of e-mails, tweets, twittering, texting, Facebooking and all the rest of our communications and messaging? Or, are we no better off now when compared to only several years ago when there was none of this?

Social networking virtues, values, problems and flaws

Good communication always is valuable in life, business and relationships – that is important to remember now and in the future. Thinking, speaking and writing well is a single and unified theme that regularly is promoted here at  Modern-day social networking is an interesting, unfolding and continuing story. No offense is intended here, but I believe that there is too much trivia and much wasted time spent in modern-day communications and much feigned, perhaps faux, interest in the writings, thoughts and work of others. We often are so preoccupied in all our communication venues that we do not communicate very well. And, in spite of the abundance of these communications, we often communicate poorly even while being prolific in that task.  Not infrequently we see missives that are trite, banal, mundane, and inane fillers with little value or substance.
Let’s talk about Internet communications as an example. When it comes to the millions of blogs on the Internet, it is very important for bloggers to have large numbers of visitors and followers – people who have an interest in returning to a particular web site such as this or some other. Being linked or having a marker or designation as a “favorite” site is welcomed by any blog. Before I knew what "Stumbleupon" or whatever other follower sites existed, I joined some of these sites. Soon, I saw how these sites really worked and what they really were all about – self-promotion without any real interest in others who you were obligated to promote. In other words, this is what is being said in the simplest terms: “If you promote me, I will promote you and what you are writing.”  I was disappointed in that kind of approach to reading, writing, blogging and dropped participation within a month. Social networking and self-promotion is like an addictive drug that creates dependency, routine use and highs and lows. Yes, even Facebook, e-mails, texting can be or become a trite or poor communication rituals.

Good and necessary communication is always important. And for the Internet and the Web as we know it, some self-promotion and advertising is important without a doubt, but there is too much of the wrong type all around and after a while poor communication cloys and stagnates. There are some who are true and deep fans and followers of whomever or whatever and that works. But there is too much flightiness, insincerity and lack of following through in many of these relationships.

Friends, friendship and communication – thoughts to ponder
What I am saying here simply and basically is that we are thinking and talking about friends, readers and communications and all our interactions.  I am reminded of the question that anyone can ask: "How many friends do you have?" And the response may be, "I have many." Following this response, then another question might be, "And how do you define a friend?"  The response may be, "A friend is a person that I am comfortable with and I have good times with."  Then there is this followup question, "And who is your best friend and why?" It is in the asking of that question and the answers that follow which carries us deeper and beyond mere Twitter, e-mail and common simple banter.  If you follow these closing thoughts you will be able to determine if you are in or way beyond, the “Twitterzone” of limited written characters and sometime limited depth of communication.

I'll add this thought so as not to offend those who Twitter or text – whatever you do and how you do it is fine with me – it is the continuous superficiality and the lack of depth in so many relationships that is notable in these times. The final question is this: are most friends and followers “fair-weather” and “easy-road-and-times” types or are they tested and true devoted people? Based on what we see and know over a period of several years, most true friends can be counted on one hand, maybe two and, sometimes, that is all the friends that are needed and valued. Good friends are valuable and are to be cherished and cultivated. I wish everyone an abundance of good people of character and strength. Remember that even one good friend can make all the difference in the world. The final point is this: connection and communication is good and strive to keep the quality of your communications high and have fun in communicating well.
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