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Robots and Computers Emerge for War, Service or Whatever — Can Humans Compete?
C. Donald Reinhardt, October 10, 2015

This concept of intelligent robots and us is interesting to think about. Some might be frightened by the concept of a world populated with smart robots? These entities are all around us now, but not quite as dense or prominent as they may well become within a very short time. Drones ply the skies seeking enemies and delivering missiles to those who someone decides is an enemy who would do them harm. Amazon is planning on drone deliveries of Internet-ordered goods. Actually, there is really much to contemplate and think through , so here are a few thoughts about robots.

Robot Testing and Development. 

Photo Credit: CSAIL at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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Can you love a robot? Can you hug a robot or computer chip? Can robots or computer chips truly love? What is love?  Will there be robots in heaven? Is there a heaven?  If robots enter the country illegally will they be entitled to free energy and maintenance and can they be granted legal status and eventually become citizens and vote? Can robots be governed, ruled, controlled, coerced, bribed and by whom or for what reason? 

Will smart  robots have the ability to compete for jobs? Will there be equal opportunity for robots and humans or unequal opportunity? Who will control the wealth? Can you adopt, pet or imprison robots? Will some robots be better-looking than others? Will there be hatred, jealousy, lust and stealing among some robots? Will robots fight, kill and be subject to imprisonment? What rights will robots really  have? Will there be laws applicable only to robots? Would that be fair? 

Will robots need attorneys and can only robots represent robots? If I need an attorney can I hire the best robot out there and what would it cost? Is a felon robot subject to trial by a jury of his peers? Does a cyberborg have the right to bear arms and have free speech? Will robots be allowed to marry the robot of their own choosing and have or adopt children? Can a robot marry a human? Does equal rights hold for all or not? Will there be an Armageddon of robots? Will there be a Bible for robots? Will there be only smart robots? If humans create robots, will they be made in the human image or God's image.


 I need to meditate and mull this all over some more. Right now all of this is a little too complicated to figure out. Maybe once we start down this robotic road it will be impossible to turn back and figure out anything.