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A Christmas Story Tell Me He Asked and Then We Talked
© Donald Reinhardt, Dec. 23, 2013. Updated Dec. 22, 2018

Nativity –The Birth of Christ Tondo. Photo Credit: Library of Congress

“Tell me a Christmas story”, the little one
simply asked.

“And what story would you like to hear?”

“The real one, the one you first
heard and know most dear.”
Yes, I know that story true and
quite well.
 He sat to listen the story now for
me to tell.

I spoke of prophecies of old,

an unusual virgin birth foretold,

coming forth the promise of a
Redeemer, Messiah, a suffering one,
who was to be known as God’s only
begotten son,

Begotten not made,

One for whom many had prayed.

He came from most humble estate

But marked by the lineage of King
David was also his trait.
Born in a stable  and in a manger
placed was  he
How could this child, redeeemer and
savior truly be?
The stars and the heavens precisely
To help wise man from East this
child to find.
They visited the baby tiny and true 
in a stable with an unusual and
animated crew.
Mary and Joseph, cows and the
Disturbed not this baby who rested
This was the one, true, holy Christ,
honored by gold, frankincense
and spice.
This child, some short time
from here,
will be crucified and buried and
cause many to fear.
Three days later he rose from the
To prove for those who believe there
is nothing  to dread. 
Yes, Jesus is our saving, true
and living king
A precious gift of love and
forgiveness of whom we sing.
This is the Christmas story
complete and true,
simply told for all people like me
and you.

Blessings, Grace, Peace and Joy at Christmas and in each and every day of your life henceforth