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Driving Life Forward and Using Side and Rearview Mirrors (or your Backup Camera)
Donald Reinhardt, January 13, 2015

Capitol Reef Country Scenic Byway, Utah  
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Personal life resembles driving a car when you really start to delve into it. In fact, in some ways, people and their cars are sometimes one and the same in their characteristics. There are big car and smaller car folks; fancy, expensive and cheaper, economical car people. There are folks who obey the speed limits, some who drive over them and some who go well under them. Then there are the folks who wash, clean, diagnostically check and maintain their cars and these individuals contrast with those who seldom or never care for their cars. Finally, we have those persons who crash and destroy their cars on a regular basis.
We could carry on, but I want to end this metaphor with the looking forward, sideways and to the rear analogy. Most of the time we drive our lives straight ahead at some chosen speed, but mirrors (and backup cameras now) really matter too. Yes, the side view and backup mirrors or cameras help us avoid collisions, near-misses , accidents with potential for loss of limb or life. So, I have resolved here and now, for the new year and the years beyond, to stay focused on the roads ahead and use my side view and rearview mirrors. For all of us, I wish and hope for safe driving and quality roads while driving ahead. Remember also, we will all need to have up-to-date, quality maps or a GPS to guide us forward and prevent our getting lost in the big, wide, complicated highways and byways of life. Stay safe and drive well.
Another, more expanded, different and later version of this concept and Idea of life driving, mirrors and cameras was written here in March, 2015. You might enjoy reading and comparing that article with this one, if you have not read it..