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Just in Case You Ever Wonder – Lucado Kid Book Reviewed
© Donald Reinhardt, March 26, 2012

 Book Cover, "Just In Case You Ever Wonder". © Word Publishing, photo by Donald Reinhardt
Max Lucado is a minister and exceptional Christian writer. His writing for adults is imaginative and insightful and his 1992 kid's book "Just in Case You Ever Wonder" (ISBN 0-8499--0978-3) carries that excellence into a great children's book. Originally composed as a simple verbal story and promise to his three daughters this book will delight children and adults of all ages for the truth and hope it conveys. 
Just In Case You Ever Wonder – A Book for Children, Parents and Guardians
The opening page of this book makes a profound statement of a special love as Lucado starts this story: "Long, long ago God made a decision – a very important that I am really glad he made. He made the decision to make you." So, any reader or hearer can see right here what decision the author is leading with, not his, not yours, not mine, but God's decision and for theistic people that is the best place to start. Lucado then proceeds to show that the "hands" which made the stars, canyons, trees, moon and sun also "...made you. That's why you are so special. God made you."
The child, the reader, the hearer now sees a story of this special and unique creation that each human is and soon everyone or anyone is drawn into the way they were as a baby– the unique features and habits of that baby and the home they have in a house os special where there is comfort, safety and a sense of security and love.
And as this or any child grows bigger, the story gets bigger and better too, for there are more things to do and be as one grows, Yet one thing never changes and never will depart – the love of someone who will care for, attend to and be there for that baby who becomes a child and all too soon an adult.
There are simple and clear things to share and remember and learn in this book. Each of the 25 pages of story and illustrations flows simply and nicely. The simple and deep thoughts and the beautiful illustrations by Toni Goffe all combine nicely on each page to create a promising and hopeful story for all who travel along life's paths.
So, just in case you ever wonder if this is a book worthwhile reading, sharing and having, simply remember this – it is!
Lucado, Max. 1992. "Just In Case You Ever Wonder", Word Publishing, Dallas Texas
Back Cover Illustration, "Just In Case You Ever Wonder" © Word Publishing,
photo by Donald Reinhardt
Inside Story Page Views of "Just In Case You Ever Wonder", © Word Publishing,
photo by Donald Reinhardt