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Find a Job-Career-Work to Love Which Lasts a Lifetime – Five Important Thoughts
© Donald Reinhardt,  March 20, 2014

To have and hold a job that you love and will last for most of your life is more than a dream – it involves a stepwise and careful plan and program for seeking and developing a career, job or work. And if you think and plan well that kind of job or work can be yours.

Career Job Work Personal Plans and Goals are Important. An airframe mechanic at work at an airport.

Job-Work-Career Plans - Five Good Ideas

All of us have dreams, hopes, aspirations, desires and wants. When it comes to job or career plans some people are realistic and some are not and having the right thoughts and directing them in the right way are important parts to the real world of careers, work, jobs and success.

Listed below are 5 steps and ideas to help you career-job-work plan right now. Make sure you have a pencil and paper available to write down your ideas:

  •          Decide which types of work or careers best suit your mind and abilities and would provide you with contentment, happiness  and the expected monetary rewards you want or expect. Having a single goal or job in mind is not the best initial plan, since if the first job plan does not work out, then suitable backup job possibilities should be available.
  •             Determine what education and time frame is needed for the desired work, job and career opportunities and make sure that you are up to those needs and challenges.
  •       Set up a reasonable time line which lists the steps you will take, the courses or studies required for the designated job and career opportunities.
  •       Determine the real or expected costs and actual months or years  required for the career or job to develop and unfold.
  •       Review everything that you have written down. Keep your notes and log handy and as your thinking, timeline and plans unfold write everything relevant out. Make sure you have a a full log and commentary as you move along. and during this process seek counseling, advisors, mentors, internships, training opportunities in your areas of interest.

Final Thoughts on Work, Jobs and Careers

Some people live and work at the same job from beginning to the end of their careers and love their jobs and are satisfied. Others change jobs as frequently as every few years and maybe have five, ten or more different positions over a lifetime. What matters most is upward movement and steps of career growth, improvement of earnings and personal reward and satisfaction. 

Finally, remember this: no job is perfect and no job or career provides absolute and complete happiness. Aim for the best, seek the best and expect that given time and circumstances you will find a job, work or career that brings satisfaction and is rewarding. That goal is always a worthwhile pursuit and expect that it will require good thinking and effort.