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 Father’s Day, Dad’s Day, Closings and Greetings for Cards and Letters

c. Donald Reinhardt, May 29, 2011

Father’s Day is a special day in June that always follows Mother’s Day in May. And I think it is always good to honor first all the good moms as we do in May since mothers normally carry and nurture within their bodies precious babies for those nine months, plus or minus a few days or so, and mothers typically labor much to deliver those significant, new humans.
Photo: U.S. Army, Men and Fathers in Tug-of-War Game and Sport
For fathers or dads who have been there for their children and for all those fathers who are worthy of honor and respect, Father’s Day is an opportunity to convey words of respect or love or both in a simple card with your own true and honest words - for daughters this is often an easy task, for sons it may seem awkward or difficult. Later, we also will look at Father’s Day as a time for possible forgiveness and reconciliation. Here are some words and ideas to think about or use as appropriate for Father's Day, a father's birthday, or simply anyday you might be inspired or moved to write a few words of acknowledgment, appreciation and love. 

Father and Dad Tributes and Words of Respect, Appreciation or Love for Cards, Letters or e-Mails

Thank you for all you have done and still do for me and the whole family.

I am wishing you joy and love, always.

I am forever grateful for your courage, strength, wisdom and kindness.

By your example, your work and love and devotion you have added to my life.

Some folks have no Dad, but I have had you there for me. Thank you!

What makes a father special? A father, just like you, who listens, cares, helps and is there to support and love me through the toughest times.

Father’s Day – A Time for Forgiveness and Reconciliation?

There are many varied and sad stories of personal and difficult journeys that many children have faced with their father. We all know about families who have had poor, bad or inappropriate fathers who have abandoned, neglected or directly harmed the family in one way or another. Is this Father’s Day this year a time for reconciliation or possibly a time for simple forgiveness? Is there a time sometime near or soon, other than Father's Day, that is appropriate for such a message of forgiveness? Forgiveness is something to think about. 

Sometimes a father has sought reconciliation or forgiveness and has been rejected. Sometimes a child has offered forgiveness or reconciliation and has been rejected. And sometimes neither father nor child has sought forgiveness and reconciliation and a state of separation and isolation exists.

How to Reconcile and Forgive a Poor, Bad or Wayward Parent – Some Thoughts and Steps, Questions and Answers.

1. Am I able to forgive?

2. What are the benefits of forgiving for me and for my parent?

3. What shall I forgive and how shall I forgive?

4. Am I being honest about forgiveness and reconciliation?

Without making this too complicated let us say that forgiveness can be given and may be received. The forgiver son or daughter must truly believe that the offering of forgiveness is real and genuine and heartfelt. If that is the case then it is good to proceed to express that forgiveness. Complete reconciliation may not occur, but the forgiveness expressed and given in the message is the first and important step. Forgiveness frees the forgiver of holding guilt and bitterness. No arguments, no debates are needed just the making up of one’s mind to forgive honestly and completely. What happens after that is perhaps unsure and not clear. But once that step is taken it is an important and significant event.  

Words and Expressions of Forgiveness You can Offer to A Parent
Here are some different ways to express thoughts of forgiveness and reconciliation to a father, mother, or any parent or relative:

Dear ­___:

I just wanted to say I am sorry that we have drifted apart and have been separated for so long. I forgive you of any hurt you have done me and I hope you can forgive me of any hurt that you have experienced.

I am taking this time to say you are forgiven.

Forgiveness is the only and best gift I can give you at this time. I hope you can accept it.

One day, I hope, we can talk and remind each other of how important we are as people.

A Happy _____ Day to you. I give you my complete forgiveness and hope that one day we can talk to one another again and affirm the good things that can still be done.

Forgiveness I give you, complete healing I hope for and a better future for all is in my prayers.

Send a Parent (Mom or Dad) Card or Letter Today and Sign Off and Close Well

Do not delay or procrastinate. Think about your words and your heart and say it as clearly and as well as you can. If it is not a positive and useful message, then continue to work on it so that it will do some good for the recipient and you.

Happy Father’s Day to all who celebrate and remember this simple quote I saw many years ago: “It is very easy to become a father, but it is far more difficult to be a good father.”  There is is much food for thought in that expression.