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Formulas for Success Abound - Which is Right for You?Nine Ideas to Consider and Do
© Donald Reinhardt, May 6, 2011
Success and winning are not easy, but they are real possibilities for anyone who is determined to make good and better things happen. Consider these ideas now to promote personal success.
“Success” and “winning” books, tapes, DVDs, lectures, films abound and they are usually presented or developed by people who have been successful or winners. Often success or winning is measured in terms of sports victories or monetary rewards or benefits obtained by honest and good means. Therefore, people who desire the same or similar rewards pay attention to those words of success and winning and they often pay a price to hear and see what could be theirs, if only they could duplicate the formula or formulas (formulae). Of course, there is a caveat here too – winning, success or money alone does not necessarily provide happiness. But winning, success or money may contribute or help someone to live better and even help others and these are important goals. So, for today or any day, let me suggest that you seek first satisfaction in the simpler things of life which are priceless in their own way: good friends and family, a life that you still have, a today that is here and now, and a tomorrow that we all hope will be better. If you have food and shelter and some joy consider that you have sunshine in your life and now you can carry on. If you have hope, or are looking for hope, always remember that tomorrow can be better. So, think about those thoughts and livet hose thoughts for today and every day.

Nine Success and Winning Ideas and Stepsto Consider and Implement

Here are important things to do:

  • Make a list of your personal and your financial assets - these are positives that you have right now. Think about everything and do not miss anything. I have this and that as a measure of who I am and I have this and that, etc., of what I "own".
  • List all your negative personal and financial (debt) situations. This is always hard to do and you have to be honest, but give it a try. If you owe $10,000 on a credit card, a student loan or a car payment those are debts to be paid and considered and begin by paying off the smallest debts and work your way upward. As for a personal problem and example, if you and your boss or supervisor are at odds, or if there is personal enmity with one or more other people, then those truly negative situations should be resolved amicably and soon if possible. Write them down, be honest and think of the best way to resolve the issues, even though it may be painful to do it.
  • Outline a total plan - a new, workable plan for your entire personal life - Go ahead! Be bold! Do it!
  • Write the steps that you can take to improve, alter, change and move your life as you move forward. An apology, an "I'm sorry", a simple note, a long letter, an e-mail, a birthday wish, a phone call or any combination of these may start to address some of the personal issues that need attention. Delayed payment of bills, fines, credit cards are issues to attend to soon. This removes worry and stress from your life.
  • Order your priorities on the lists that you have prepared, i.e., consider the most important and significant things to be done and when they must be done.
  • Seek out valued, trusted and wise friends to evaluate your plans and ideas. Ask for good suggestions and consider them all before the final plan is set and begins.
  • Begin making and doing those listed changes of yours. Enhance your positives and eliminate or decrease your negatives in everyway possible, For example, resolve to decrease and eliminate debt and financial obligations and begin to amend your life so that negatives do not intrude in your personal development.
  • Prepare or have a daily checklist and have defined calendar of events with things to do and to complete. Performing necessary tasks well will give you a real feeling of success, winning and accomplishment.
  • On a monthly basis, preferably at the end of each month, list successes, intermediate accomplishments and any failures. Reorder and reset your priority list for the next month.
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