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GCB – review ABC’s sitcom show which is GCB or Much Ado About Nothing
© Donald Reinhardt, March 5, 2012
If you watched ABC television’s “GCB” you might want a refund for your investment of one hour of viewing time. GCB originally was entitled Good Christian Bitches and then later was retitled – probably on second thought and rethinking out all the implications – as Good Christian Belles or simply GCB. The story line begins with a good-looking widow (the fictional Amanda Vaughn) who, shortly after the death of her husband Bill, returns with her young teenage son and daughter to settle back in her hometown of Dallas, Texas.  Amanda is a former high school beauty who is back home to visit her mom who now lives alone in a suburban mansion. Amanda decides to establish a new life and not to live off her mother’s largess but, instead, she is determined to strike out on her own without Mom’s help.  Unfortunately, even Amanda’s mother has her own rich and churchy ways and this eccentric, strong-willed mother is part of this crazy quilt of unlikable characters. Least likable, however, are Amanda’s past high school girlfriends who are catty, chatty, cantankerous churchgoers and, in fact, they are neither true friends nor Christians. Yes, believe it or not, all of these protagonists are members of the same church as Amanda and her mom and this supposedly sets the stage for lots of great hypocrisy and comedy. 

As the first episode unfolds we see very soon these past friends working to spy upon, degrade, impede or obstruct Amanda life in Dallas. And, lo and behold, these suspicious, jealous, envious and ill-plotting friends each have flawed husbands who, not surprisingly, are extremely interested in Amanda.

This is a boring, trite and predictable show with an unpromising future. It is difficult to see this as anything more than one abbreviated show rather than a serial or ongoing sitcom. GCB is an example of a series that will certainly bore and possibly offend Southerners, Texans, Christians and many people of good sensibility and common sense. Even non-religious folks will find little of interest or value in what turned out for this reviewer  to be one-hour of poor and uninspiring viewing time. There are few characters in this series who are admirable and there are better opportunities for good entertainment to be found. This should be a short-lived series at best and the shorter the better for all concerned.
GCB was cancelled by ABC TV in early May, sometime around May 12, 2012.


GCB Cast. Photo Credit, ABC TV