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Sound of Music on NBC – Shows and Sings Well - A Review
© Donald Reinhardt, Dec. 5, 2013
If you know the "Sound of Music" by Rodgers and Hammerstein you know good music when you hear it. This musical play and presentation is based in part on a true story from the autobiography of Maria von Trapp in Austria during the time of Nazis, Hitler and the strong influences of Germany.

NBC's "Sound of Music"  singers-actors/actresses brighten the stage with quality music, scenes and acting. Photo Credit/Copyright: NBC


From the time of the very successful stage play and musical (1959 Mary Martin and Theodor Bikel) to the movie (1965 Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer), until the present moment, this musical story of the von Trapp family never tires. Yes, there is the singing of "Edelweiss", dancing the Ländler, the joy of children's voices singing novel, beautiful and fun songs one after another , the strict Captain Georg von Trapp who gradually mellows and transforms, and the ever-beloved Maria (tutor and governess) and nun to-be-or-not-to-be (postulant) who eventually becomes Captain von Trapp's wife. This is truly a captivating story and musical which commands your attention, interest and eventually captures your heart along some very pleasant musical hours.

This updated version of the "Sound of Music" on NBC has excellent scenery and props, quality music and singing and a fine supporting cast. Carrie Underwood who plays Maria does an excellent job both singing and acting. She plays her role comfortably and with gentleness and kind confidence. She radiates a quiet beauty, innocence, simplicity and intelligence in her role. Stephen Moyer does a good job as the Captain, and although he differs in some ways from Christopher Plummer's portrayal of von Trapp in the Sound of Music movie, he comes across credibly and well. The supporting actors and actresses are very good. Frau Elsa Schrader acts and sings as the coy, careful and plotting fiancé quite skillfully and Herr Dettweiler, the planner for the singing Kaltzberg festival, does well too. All the von Trapp children are excellent and delightful and well-directed.

The "Sound of Music" is a great Christmas show or anytime show and the producers, directors and crew who produced this, as well NBC, are to be congratulated for bringing quality entertainment to all of us during the Christmas and Winter Holiday season.

There is joy and peace in the air with NBC's "The Sound of Music" and I suggest that you probably don't want to miss the opportunity to enjoy a quality musical remake which itself will become another classic worth seeing and having in your DVD library.