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Informed and Good Thinking Enables You to Live Better and Well. To Think Well and Be Informed is Very Important
© Donald Reinhardt, June 4, 2011
Good thinking can lead to good living – and better and the best thinking can lead to a better life. The key to remember here is that your thinking and life may never be perfect, but your life and mind can be better. Listing all your viable or possible options and the pros and cons of each option for any life decision – job, family, personal life choices – is a first step in the decision process. The next step is to pick and choose from among those options and select the best or the better of those listed. 
Humans can learn and can understand many things. And all of us can gain varying degrees of insight and wisdom which can serve thoroughout our lifetimes. To be in touch with facts and TRUTH – and facts and truth are tough to define for some people – is important here at Facts and truth matter now and always. Truth and correct facts can lead us in the right direction to make good decisions. Another important thing to remember is that good decisions can be made, that these decisions often are important and they should be made without too much delay or procrastination. Time is not always of the essence, but time and timing are important factors for our thinking. is a place to explore, develop, increase and mature your thinking and your options. You are encouraged to think about and evaluate new and old ideas and to think through the many things that comprise the essence of life itself and living in general in our everyday and common world.
Here are just a few thoughts about aspects of our thought processes.
  • Thinking begins at birth and thinking continues throughout life. A newborn's thinking is simple and, of course, very immature. Early infant nerve responses consist of simple reflexes related to hunger, thirst, pain, sound, light and touch. And these responses and events give rise to memories, associations, nerve imprints and new responses or actions as mind and body interact in unique and special ways.
  • Over time, simple memories become more complex and brain functions become intricate, detailed and connected in known and unknown ways.
  • Higher-level thinking and complex brain events occur all the time during a thinking person's lifetime. 
  • These thoughts and thinking processes develop into mature thinking of logical thoughts with comparisons and contrasts, evaluations and inductive and deductive reasoning.
  • Of course, there is another type of knowledge called intuition or intuitive knowledge which arrives at a valid endpoint or conclusion and seems to bypass almost all the standard thinking, reasoning and analytical processes. Intuitive knowledge is valuable and valid knowledge. Intuition is the "knowledge and voice within" that says I know this is true or real and I don't need to know anything else. Intuition is summoned up and often responds in the face of danger, a new event, a person or a situation. Intuition is more common to women than to men. Intuition is a protective and survival brain function that is intrinsic to the structure and function of the mature human, female brain.

Remember that is designed for insight, inspiration, discovery and inquisitive thinking and we are dedicated to the promotion and joyful search for knowledge and truth here and everywhere. Those who think well regularly often find that better thinking definitely contributes to a better life.

You are welcomed and invited to become a part of this community. This is a respectful place and this is a site designed to value and honor others. Being a member or a visitor here should be a positive and worthwhile experience. Come join and participate in that spirit.