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Eagles, Raptors, People: Pushing-Falling-Soaring Goals & Endpoints
© Donald Reinhardt, February 14, 2012
Moving forward toward something new or strange can be difficult. Being careful and thoughtful is good. Never taking a step or moving forward may be bad or dangerous.

Eagles, Raptors, People Some Comparisons to Consider

How do eagles which are raptors relate to us as humans? These birds are unique members of the avian world and they have these features:

  • superior hunters of other animals
  • keen eyesight which enables detection, evaluation and focus at a long or near distance
  • can fly and soar with ease and minimal energy expenditure
  • have a brain developed for survival and success
  • may live many decades and for as long as 70 years
  • watch and care for their young very carefully

What of us as humans? How do we resemble these features above? We can grow, cultivate and harvest food for our needs and survival. Our eyes, hands, and brains enable us to promote and care for ourselves. Human babies and the young require many years for care and nurturing that may extend for as long as a generation (20 years). Good parents nurture and care for their young and bad parents harm their young.

Eagles Raptors People – Pushing-Falling-Soaring Events

This is an area where comparisons are most interesting. The eagle needs to push the eaglet – baby eagle – out of the nest when the parent thinks the baby is ready. Notice the juvenile bird does not leave on its own. And when the juvenile eagle is pushed, the adult eagle flies downward and below to catch the young raptor should it be unable to fly well. In this way the eaglet is not dashed to death on the rocks below.

The nest was positioned success with no obstacles for the downward fall, but once pushed all depends on the eaglet’s abilities and the adult’s judgments.

How then shall we as intelligent humans manage our own lives? Who will push us when we need pushing? Who will catch us when we are tumbling and falling out of control? When can we soar like our parents? And if our parents faltered, or failed to rescue us, or abandoned us, or someone else abused and mistreated us and left us for almost dead how then shall we survive? That is why learning, knowing, planning, believing and taking hold of and acting in our lives is important for us who are here. Being directed outward to the best of other worlds here in this world is important. Some find that salvation in God. Some may find it in themselves and friends. Some are still working it out and are in the process. Think. Plan well. Implement a good plan. Fight for what is right, proper, good and worthy. Work smartly and heartily to achieve your ends. Don’t expect gifts. Contribute, participate, love and work with enthusiasm and hope. It is that simple and that difficult to do.
Beautiful In-Flight, Immature Bald Eagle Looking for Fish
Photo Credit: Courtesy of, photo by MJB8126 of LeClaire, Iowa
The photo below is credited to the same photographer MJB8126 of LeClaire, Iowa. This photo dramatically proves that good vision, determination, focus and work achieve the endpoint of nourishment (the fish) and survival. Notice the splashed water, water droplets now falling back into the lake of the dam and the fish being held in the backward-extended talons. For some this animal world visual may be a difficult view, but the photography and the lesson alluded to here all make a very dramatic and real statement.
Be an eagle – look, plan, grow, mature, work, thrive and survive.