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Nifty Ethnic World Songs & Dances & 14 Ethnic New Year Greetings

© Donald Reinhardt, First Copyrighted-Published December 27, 2010

by Donald Reinhardt

New Year celebrations are special, joyful times for people throughout the world. For some cultures Christmas continues to January 6 as the celebration for the birth of Jesus Christ. Nevertheless, for most people the calendar change for the New Year at midnight to January 1 will feature masses, hymns, songs and in some joyful parties. The songs and dances that follow here cover anytime celebrations or New Year traditions, classic melodies, rhythms, instruments and vocalizations in words taking joy in the New Year. Many of the dances here are traditional celebrations at weddings, parties and anniversaries of all kinds. Let's listen, sing, dance and enjoy and connect to these songs below!

Fourteen Foreign Language Happy New Year Greetings from All Over the World

These are 14 classic and traditional greetings in the languages of the world for those who celebrate The New Year. (Reference and language greeting resource credits to

1.     Arabic – (Hilul as-sanah al-jadidah)

2.     Bulgarian – (¦tastliva Nova Godina)

3.     French – Bonne Année

4.     German – Ein Gutes Neues Jahr

5.     Greek – (Eftyhisméno to Néo Étos!)

6.     Hebrew (Israel) – (Shanah Tovah)

7.     Irish/Gaelic – Bliain úr faoi shéan is faoi mhaise duit (Happy New Year to you)

8.     Italian – Felice Anno Nuovo

9.     Polish – Szczesliwego Nowego Roku

10.   Russian – (S nastupayu¨cim Novym Godom)

11.   Serbian – (Srecna Nova Godina)

12.   Slovenian – Srecno Novo Leto

13.   Spanish – Próspero Año Nuevo!

14.   Ukrainian – (z Novym Rokom)

Traditional Worldwide Celebrations for New Year or Anytime Parties and Celebrations

Following here are some of the best selections of just one viewer listener who spent many hours searching for some of the best kinds of traditional party, wedding, anniversary and New Year celebrations throughout the world and foreign lands. These are not perfect final selections or choices, but represent quality music for your enjoyment. Choose some songs you think you may like and enjoy a world of ethnic music dance and song treasures and pleasures. In each case one of the best dance and music videos is given to illustrate the ethnic, foreign dance. Some spontaneous party and club dance events are presented also.

Worldwide Music, Song and Dance Celebrations for New Year or Anytime for Everyone

Your attention is directed to the following great selected songs and dances from among hundreds of possibilities:

1.     American- A. Fox Trot, Best First Wedding Dance; another nice Wedding First Dance, Simple Fox Trot. B. Linday Hop, 1920-30's dance style, revived in 1980's and continues strongly even today. C. Line Dance, "Achy Breaky Heart" rendition. This is one of many country and western dance styles that is superbly done and taught. D. "HARLEM HOT SHOTS - CHARLESTON" from the 1920's.

2.     Arabic – A. Debka – Nicely danced and choreographed! Joyful and pleasant. B. Surda Style Debka - men and young boy dancing at a wedding. Nice video and music for the distinctive beat and very syncopated dance style. Suitable for learning debka moves. Nicely done!

3.     Bulgarian – Bulgaria is home to some of the most colorful ethnic music and dances in the world following are 5 from many of Bulgaria's best: A. Elenino Mome B. Arap horo C. Bulgarian dance D. Kopanitza, nicely danced by Toronto, Canada Bulgarians in costume. D. Zornitsa in Luxembourg dancing energy beyond one's imagination. Spectacular!

4.     Spanish- A. Tango, very nice and precise example of well-done tango. B. Cha Cha, competing couples show their great styles. C. El Jarabe Tapatio (Mexico), a well-done, colorful, couple dance.

5.     German A. Das Fenster, beautiful couple and circle dance in traditional costume. B. Sternpolka, couples and circle partner change dance. C. Siebenschritt (Seven Steps) D. Fröhlicher Kreis

6.     French – Groupe Folklorique performs well here with 2 dances in native costumes and with original, traditional music A. Galinette, sweet and nicely done 2 couple dance. B. "La Boulangere" a 4-couple dance. C. Group de Limousin performs this unique and different French dance with long scarves and 4 men and 8 women, "La Bourrée des Foulards". Enjoy. D. ILs Dansent la Sabotière, might serve as a sobriety test at parties. E. Danse Corrézienne, another unique and seldom-seen dance by men. F. "Non, je ne regrette rien," – No, I regret nothing – karaoke French lyrics sung by Edith Piaf.

7.     Italian – A. Mazurca (Mazurka) from an Italian dance competition beautifully danced. Also, MAZURKA FIGURATA a traditional dance from Bologne. B. "Tarantella", well-danced Sicilian traditional folk dance. C."Tarantella", another great interpretation. D. Valzer alla filuzzi - Italian waltz, a wonderful waltz. Typical Bologne style waltz.

8.     Greek – A. Hasapiko (2 sets of 3 dancers) Very well-done dance with precision and grace; B. Haspiko; C. Hasapiko Dance Instructions by Ira Weisburd with Haspaiko music and verbal instructions and demo throughout. Superior instruction by Ira! C. Kalamatianos by Yianni Greek costumes and beautiful instrumental version with singing and dance; D. Zonaradika sung by Yianni and danced by ethnic dancers in Greek garb. E. IKARIOTIKOS, beautifully done. F. Karagouna

9.     Macedonian – A. Dedo mili zlatni - KUD Trimeri & Netka Nacevska, wonderful band, lively song and colorful Macedonian costumes and choreography. B. Dedo Mili Dedo by Dunav dancers, nicely and precisely done to recording excellent female vocalist and native instruments. C. Zosto Si Me Majko Rodila , lovely duet featuring Esma I Rasimov and male vocalist in Macedonian costume. D. Slusham kaj shumat shumite native orchestra and males singing. E. "Go Fatile Mome (Go Fatile Kleti Turci Edna Mome)". A bright, smooth dance demonstration with beautiful music that is taught and danced with precise, clear instructions by Ira Weisburd – well-done indeed.

10.   Irish/Gaelic – A. "Irish Set Dancing", a nice view of the style and manner of set dancing. B. "Longford Set" by the Spa Dancers. Excellent. C. Irish Step Group Dancing Duo, precise and professional.

11.   Polish – A. Krakowiak, Zespól Piesni i Tanca "Slask"-Krakowiak 1986 r, dance is beautiful and traditional. B. Oberek , a short and colorful presentation and the longer, choreographed dynamic presentation by Zespól Piesni i Tanca "Slask"Oberek lowicki 1986r. C. Kujawiak, Polish style waltz.

12.   Russian – A. Traditional Russian dance Kalinka, one of the most colorful and well-choreographed versions of Kalinka. B. "KOROBUSHKA", short version of the dance. C. Sing-along karaoke - (Katyusha) - Quartet Kalinka. A very enjoyable presentation with words in Russian emphasizing distinctive letters and syllables. Excellent!

13.   Scottish —A. Gae Gordans (walking waltz and polka-like dance)B. Reel of the 51st Division, Royal Scottish Country Dance, traditional couple line dance. Brisk music and dance.

14.   Ukrainian – A. "Hutsulka", traditional dance done by very young and good dancers. B. Ukranian Folk Song lovely and emphatically-sung by women in small town square. C. Virsky - Hopak /(Ukrainian dance), lively, colorful and superb! D. "Bukovyna", last part and ending of the dance by Dumka dancers.

15.   Serbian – A. "Jovano Jovanke", slow, melodic, beautiful song, nicely danced by folk dance group. B. "Tino Mori" best dance version I could find (by Denver International Folk Dancers). C. "Ajde Jano" nice slow dance demo in Germany; "Ajde Jano" demo 2 with a quicker beat; "Ajde Jano" and "Ajde Jano" (Slowianki) both nicely-staged, professional solo singers and dancers with simple step in place and walk steps not related to the whole ethnic dance. D. Medley of Folk Dances From Central Serbia Joyful and lively. E. "Setnja" nice slow, melodic line dance with a speeded up ending . F. Another group dance of "Setnja" .

16.   Slavic and Slovenian – Well-done traditional singing and dance. A. LADO -Slavonia Dances 1. B. LADO - Slavonia Dances 2. C. Croatian folk dance and music.  D. SLAVONSKO KOLO - Plesovi iz Slavonije  Native music and costumes and a wonderful kolo with men and women dancing in syncopated beauty and harmony. E. Kolo Plesovi – HKC "Bunjevačko kolo" Subotica - Bunjevački plesovi. Superior music, dancing and costumes.

Worldwide Ethnic Traditional Dances, Songs, Music for Joyful, Happy Celebrations and Parties

Many celebrations are joyful and beautiful times for many people throughout the world. These selections are a small measure of the bounty of great music of many diverse instruments, lyrics and vocalizations.

This presentation of foreign land music and videos may be forwarded as a message of New Year greetings and year round hope, love and joy to friends, neighbors and relatives. Some may share some of the foreign traditions celebrated here in music and song. Each presentation speaks of joy and hope. To those who celebrate a joyful event at this time, my sincere wishes that you and your family have many good blessings at this time and in the future.