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Driving Life Well with Side- Rear-View Mirrors and Backup Camera

c. Donald J. Reinhardt, March 24, 2015

Photo: Canyonlands National Park, Aerial View. Credit:Neal Herbert, National Park Service

Although life is truly not a car, there are similarities and aspects to think about. However, here I will simply mention how to possibly drive and steer your life a little better using the mirrors and a backup camera of the mind and heart to carry you forward.

Life Driving - Mirrors and Cameras, Memories and Reflections, Can Help and They Work

Experience is a great teacher and memory and remembrances are great reminders of past events. Clear, normal and rested minds use experience, memories and events to reflect on life, review life, evaluate life and move life forward positively.


What does this driving of life mean? Simply this: If we remember our goals, our endpoint visions, our past mistakes, miscalculations, errors or even our bad habits and work at correcting them, then we can proceed to live our lives better and straighter. Of course, it takes clear mirrors and reflections of life to achieve purposeful, useful, positive direction to move us forward. Clouded side-rear-view or an absent backup camera are useless and not helpful at all Yes,  it takes clear thinking, deep reflection and solid, ordered plans (most suitable if written down as goals or objectives) to direct us forward and make it all work for a better life drive and journey.


However, You Say, We Cannot Go Backward and Reverse Our Past Mistakes, Right?


That is true. We cannot go back and change the past. We are reminded the past is passed, so let it be and rest in peace. Do not linger and dwell in the past except whenever the past helps you to grow, understand, evolve, enrich, fertilize and refresh your present life. Do not anchor in the past or be melancholy forever there. Pleasant memories are good and helpful. Yes, use all positive things of the past to push, encourage and cause you to press forward with vigor and enthusiasm. Those reflections in the mirrors of our minds, if they are accurate and not delusional, help us to sort out our errors, missteps, the bad routes and roads we took, and the road blocks we did not negotiate by not taking the right detours. Nevertheless, your side- rear-view reflections and backup memory camera can help you avoid pitfalls, road shoulders, ditches, and obstacles to your left, right and behind as you drive optimistically forward.


The Final Life and Car Driving Thoughts to Reflect Upon 


We will rest our case here with some simple and final ideas to carry you forward.

1.    Use your life experiences in positive ways to improve and enhance your life drive

2.    Do not be afraid to reflect back and use those mirrors and cameras

3.    Resolve to drive straight and well as you look for the best routes to take and  the best places to go

Is it really all that simple this life driving? Well, yes and no. Life is not simple, nor is it easy for most people. But a better life is possible. What is true is that your life is your own, and although circumstances and situations may come against you, many people throughout history have proven that we all can be heroes, captains of own fates. They resolved, and we can too, to make the best life they can regardless of the circumstances. That is my wish and prayer for everyone.

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